Ibai Gómez “I’m Going To Come Back Stronger Than I Was Before”

Ibai Gomez

Ibai Gómez is dedicated to following his exercise plan at home (AC)

The life of a professional football can be very busy, but right now the lives of everyone have been put on hold in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Football has stopped as Spain is in the midst of a lockdown and the Athletic players are all required to stay at home as part of measures to protect the local community. Staying in shape during the stoppage is a big concern and winger Ibai Gómez is working hard to be at his best when the season resumes

“Each player has materials at home to follow,” the 30-year-old told RAC1. “All the trainings that the coaching staff have planned are supervised. We are preparing ourselves as well as possible because we want to return even better than we were before. We have everything under control, how we spend each day and what the load will be. I feel lucky to have all the means to carry out the work from home. Personally, I’m going to come back better than I was before.”

Although this is a truly unprecedented time, Gómez has an optimistic outlook on the situation. He wants to get back to playing football as soon as possible but is taking this opportunity to spend more time with his kids.

“I’m facing it with a very positive mindset and with a lot of desire to start playing again. My routine doesn’t change much. In the morning I have a training session and then lunch. In the afternoon I do another session and then dinner. It’s the kids who have more tension because they can’t leave the house. I’ve been able to spend much more time with them, our kids, which is appreciated.”

Earlier in his career Gómez suffered from regular injures but has since learned how to take better care of his body. “I always talk about food, rest, and training,” he mentioned. “I do things earnestly for my health. Three years ago I went through a process of melanoma. They caught it on time and ever since I have always put health above anything.”

Before the lockdown, Athletic reassured the players and gave them specific instructions to follow. The club has also been given test kits but will only use them if someone exhibits symptoms.

Ibai Gomez Villarreal

“I’m not afraid but I’m thinking of others.” (EC)

“They told us to have peace of mind and to measure our temperature, that if we have symptoms we would see if we had to do a test or not. The club has received some tests, but there are people who need them more because they have symptoms and it’s more essential.”

Gómez has called on everyone to see the big picture and the importance of following the measures in place to protect others. The hope is that this issue will pass quickly, but for that to happen everyone must do their part.

“We have to be thinking about the long term. It depends a lot on us, on the decisions we make. It’s super important that we’re responsible and that we follow the directions. I want to thank the cleaning services and the people who work in the supermarkets because their work is admirable. We have to be responsible, not only for our own people, but for the elderly. We have to be careful with them. Personally, I’m not afraid but I’m thinking of others.”

Over the past few days a number of players have publicly shared their thoughts on the current situation and everyone appears to be in positive moods. For now, everybody will continue training at home with the goal of returning stronger than ever and ready to finish the season well and compete for the Copa del Rey title.

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