Iago Herrerín “I Have Already Received An Offer For Next Season”

Iago Herrerin Training

Iago Herrerín admits he wanted to leave Athletic over the summer (AC)

The past few years haven’t been kind to Iago Herrerín. A large portion of Athletic fans have regularly criticized the goalkeeper and some have even resorted to personal attacks. Having been subjected to constant negativity, Herrerín revealed in an interview with Endika Río of Mundo Deportivo that he wanted to leave the club over the summer.

“At first I had offers to leave and I wanted to leave, but the club told me at all times that it was unfeasible, impossible, because they couldn’t find a goalkeeper with my characteristics to compete with Unai (Simón). There were also offers in the winter market but Athletic didn’t let me leave then either. It’s been hard.”

As expected, Herrerín began the Copa del Rey as the team’s Cup goalkeeper. However, an early red card against Tenerife saw Unai Simón take his place permanently and the 32-year-old hasn’t seen the field since.

“A player always wants to play so it’s been a tough season for me. The competition with Simón is fierce. He’s a great player and I train well, but the coach is the one who decides. That’s what coaches are paid to do. I can think it’s more or less fair, but it’s not my decision.”

Unai Simon Iago Herrerin Real Sociedad

“The competition with Unai is fierce.” (LaLiga)

Herrerín’s goal has always been to succeed at Athletic, but the criticism from fans and lack of minutes have made his situation frustrating. The veteran just wants to enjoy playing football and admitted that he wanted to leave in the summer.

“It’s very easy for some to say, ‘you have a contract, you have to fulfill it and if not you shouldn’t have signed it’. But the most important thing for me is to play and compete. After many bad moments, playing had put me in the background. The first thing is to be happy where you are and to be recognized, but when you don’t have that it gets harder and I was clear that I wanted to go out and I had to go out.”

For now, Herrerín’s future with Athletic is uncertain. “There is still time, I have nothing planned,” he said. “Luckily I have already received an offer for next season, but we must focus on the remaining matches and on raising the Cup which is the most important thing.” With Jokin Ezkieta ready to challenge for a place in the squad next season, Iago Herrerín could realistically make his exit during the upcoming summer transfer window.

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