Aritz Aduriz “In Life Everything Has A Beginning And An End”

Aritz Aduriz Copa Granada

Aritz Aduriz would be willing to continue playing if not for his hip injury (AC)

The Coronavirus threat has continued to increase in Spain, bringing football to a grinding halt like in many other countries. For now La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation are uncertain when the season can resume or if it even will. With Aritz Aduriz having already announced that he will retire after the campaign is over, the hope is that the 39-year-old hasn’t already played his final match.

“In life everything has a beginning and an end,” Aduriz said in the latest edition of Panenka Magazine. “When we start playing we all know that there will come a time when we will stop playing. In my case, it’s because of my body. My hip has had enough. I already knew coming in that I had discomfort from last year. I had many doubts in the summer but in the end we all decided to continue one more season.”

Aduriz also explained that were it not for his injury, he would want to continue playing football. “I knew it wouldn’t be an easy campaign. My hip is very painful. From a mental aspect I would have no doubts about continuing to play. It’s just that I have a great time. I love competing and I love going to train every day. In the end, that’s the key.”

Many aren’t aware that Aduriz was actually encouraged by his parents to pursue other sports and was even the runner-up for Spain’s National cross-country skiing championship at the age of nine. “They never prohibited me from playing, far from it,” he explained. “There was just a moment when I had to choose. I did cross-country skiing and competed well, but due to a lack of time and the possibility of injury I had to choose between one thing or the other.”

Aritz Aduriz has scored 172 goals in 407 appearances for Athletic, making him the 6th-highest goalscorer in the club’s history. As the players and coaches wait for football to resume, the veteran still dreams of lifting the Copa del Rey title before officially hanging up his legendary boots.

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