Athletic Club Doctor Josean Lekue “We Have Given Players The Universal Hygiene Guidelines”

Josean Lekue

Dr. Josean Lekue says the medical staff has met with Athletic players (AC)

In response to La Liga’s announcement that all matches will be suspended for at least the next two weeks, Athletic are putting their own measures into place with the goal of protecting players, staff, fans, and the general public. The club has announced that training has been canceled for everyone except the men’s and women’s first teams along with Bilbao Athletic and that the Lezama facilities will be closed to the public.

On Thursday Dr. Josean Lekue, the club’s Head of Medical Services, spoke with AthleticTV to explain what the club’s current health protocol. Lekue shared that Athletic will be following the guidelines provided by the medical experts examining the Coronavirus outbreak

“We have given players the universal hygiene guidelines,” said Lekue. “This includes hand washing and the limitation of elements such as interacting with people for the protection of people and the community.” Along with holding talks with all players to provide the hygiene guidelines to follow, the medical staff has also recommended staying home as much as possible to minimize the risk of exposure or transmitting the virus to others.

Along with the La Liga season being suspended, Athletic’s Copa del Rey final is also in limbo. On Wednesday it was announced that the match against Real Sociedad would be postponed with the RFEF set to announce the new date by 25 March, but it’s now become impossible to plan that far in advance due to growing health concerns in Spain. Athletic will continue training at Lezama for now as public health is, without question, the top priority.

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