Yuri Berchiche “We Will Go To Seville To Win The Final”

Yuri Berchiche Copa Granada

Yuri Berchiche celebrates his goal that sent Athletic through to the Cup final (AC)

Yuri Berchiche was the hero for Athletic on Thursday night. The left-back scored a late goal against Granada to send the Lions through to the Copa del Rey final and the celebrations after the game were a sight to behold. On 18 April Athletic will face off with Real Sociedad in a Basque Derby final and Berchiche couldn’t be more excited about the fixture.

“I would have immediately signed up for a Basque Derby final,” Berchiche told reporters. “It’s something historic for Euskadi, for the provinces of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, and the two clubs that I love very much. Both clubs have given me a lot throughout my life, but I hope we win the final. I would be very excited to win the Cup with Athletic.”

Throughout Athletic’s Cup run Berchiche has scored a handful of massively important goals. When asked about the one against Granada, Berchiche admitted that it’s the biggest one of his career.

“The moment Vesga gave the pass I knew I was going to take a shot and it turned out to be the right decision. I’ve scored a few goals, but none as important as this one. It’s the most important goal of my career. This is one of my best moments as a professional. Hopefully I can score another goal and I will celebrate it. I don’t want to think about that yet though because there is a big game to play. We will have to prepare for a very complicated opponent. We will go to Seville to win the final.”

Yuri Berchiche Celebrate Copa Granada

“I told myself that we have to have faith, that in one second everything can change.” (AC)

After going down 2-0 everything indicated that Athletic would be eliminated from the Cup until Berchiche’s goal immediately turned the tie around. “I told myself that we have to have faith, that in one second everything can change,” he said. “When everything seemed that we were going to be eliminated after playing a bad game that goal came and we did it.”

Despite what was a bad performance in the second leg, Berchiche says Athletic have earned their place in the final. “We deserve it, we achieved what we wanted,” said the defender. “We suffered a lot on the field and now we’re going to the final. It’s the collective merit of all 11 plus everyone else and the fans. The effort and celebration belongs to everyone.”

Along with scoring the decisive goal Yuri Berchiche also managed to avoid a yellow card against Granada. The defender, as well as Iñigo Martínez and Iñaki Williams, was one yellow card away from suspension but the trio will be able to play against Real Sociedad. Athletic’s dream of taking out La Gabarra is 90 minutes away from coming true.

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