Andoni Tascón Suffers Second Relapse With Hamstring Injury

Andoni Tascon Bilbao Athletic

Tascón (ZF)

This season hasn’t gone according to plan for Bilbao Athletic striker Andoni Tascón. Following last year’s loan spell with Amorebieta he was expected to lead the attack for Joseba Etxeberria’s side, but that hasn’t been the case. A string of injuries have limited the 22-year-old to just 7 appearances and all but derailed his campaign.

Tascón started the season strong, scoring a goal in the opening match, but an adductor injury soon became a problem. After recovering from the muscle issue, he was then sidelined by a hamstring strain which kept him out for two months. The forward would be back on the field in December for just one match before suffering a relapse with the hamstring injury.

Last month Tascón finally made his third return of the season and played 30 minutes in Bilbao Athletic’s 1-1 draw with Arenas Club. Unfortunately, it came at a great cost in the form of a second hamstring relapse. According to a report from Javier Beltrán of El Correo, Tascón is now expected to miss over one month recovering from the injury and the club will be very cautious about incorporating him back into the team once he receives medical clearance.

With so many injuries plaguing the squad this season Etxeberria has had to get creative with the team. Gorka Guruzeta’s return from last year’s ACL tear has given Bilbao Athletic a proven striker to lead the line, though attacking options are still thin. At this point the most important goal for Andoni Tascón is to make a full recovery and avoid any further problems, but the club is hopeful that he will be able to play a role in the final stretch of the season and promotional playoffs.

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