Joseba Etxeberria “We Made Mistakes And Didn’t Do Things Well”

Joseba Etxeberria

Joseba Etxeberria admits early mistakes doomed Bilbao Athletic at Urritxe (AC)

Bilbao Athletic suffered a rare defeat on Saturday as the Kumeak fell 2-1 to Amorebieta at Urritxe. Playing on a water-soaked field, both sides made a number of mistakes and it was difficult for either team to take control of the game. Manager Joseba Etxeberria admitted after the match that a poor first half decided the result but refused to make any excuses.

“We created a game plan to have superiority behind their two forwards. We thought that there were going to be many combinations in the center of the field, but the goal at the beginning changed things. We made mistakes and didn’t do things well in the first half. The field condition is no excuse because the field was the same for both teams. After the break we were much better. The pity is that it wasn’t enough for us.”

Etxeberria explained that important changes were made during halftime, such as bringing on Juan Artola for Dani Vivian, though it wasn’t enough to turn the game around. In the end, Bilbao Athletic were unable to recover from a poor start.

“During the break we talked about the many things that we needed to change. In the second half we scored the goal, created many dangerous chances, and had another goal overturned which would have given us a draw. We have to learn from everything. It’s hard for anyone to win. We came from a good run without losing and we’ve had good feelings, like in today’s second half, but the first half condemned us to defeat.”

Despite the loss, Bilbao Athletic still sit second in the table and will host Real Unión next weekend. “They’ve had a coaching change so it will be a different match,” Etxeberria pointed out. “We have been comfortable at Lezama where things have gone very well for us. Now we must recover players and prepare for this match to be able to win. The taste of victory is always special.” A win at Lezama would keep the Kumeak firmly planted in the race for the promotional playoffs.

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