Bermeo Winger Iraitz Luaces Signs With Lezama


Athletic is committed to signing the best young players to Lezama (AC)

One of the biggest goals of Lezama is to identify the best young footballers in the Basque Country and bring them to the academy. Scouting plays a significant role in accomplishing this objective as do the various tournaments held throughout the year to assess potential signings. Normally, new additions join Lezama in the summer but on rare occasions some are incorporated during the middle of the season.

This will be the case for Bermeo left-winger Iraitz Luaces who has signed with Lezama and will start training with Infantil A tomorrow according to a report from La Cantera De Lezama. 

The teenager had already competed with Athletic in various tournaments and even scored in the Aragon Cup at the end of December. Initially, the plan was to incorporate Luaces in the summer but a string of injuries in the Infantil A squad saw Athletic make the move now and the club is very impressed with the winger.

While signing a player at this point in the season is uncommon it will start happening more often as mentioned by Andoni Ayarza, the head of scouting and player recruitment at Lezama, during the recent presentation of the club’s changes at the academy. Iraitz Luaces is the nephew of Jabi Luaces who at one time was a coach at Lezama and managed CD Basconia.

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