Athletic Socios To Meet With Club Officials In Annual Bazkideen Hitza

bazkideen hitza Socios

Bazkideen Hitza has given Socios the opportunity to share ideas with the club (AC)

Throughout Aitor Elizegi’s presidential campaign, the famous chef championed the goal of giving Socios more direct access to club officials and a stronger voice. Since winning the election, Elizegi appears to have delivered on that promise by making the Board of Directors more accessible to the members, especially through the Bazkideen Hitza initiative.

These conferences allow Socios to meet directly with club officials to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on a myriad of topics. Last year, seven meetings were held from March through May where members emphasized issues such as player wages, Lezama, the Grada de Animación, and Athletic’s unique philosophy. Starting next week, Bazkideen Hitza will be returning.

The club recently contacted Socios to announce that there will be one meeting held per month throughout May with the first taking place next Wednesday, 26 February. The following conferences will be held on 24 March, 29 April, and 20 May. As usual, the goal of these meetings is to give Socios the space to express their thoughts and concerns and also play a role in ongoing decisions and the direction of the club.

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