Athletic Club Finalizing First Professional Contract For Nico Williams

Nico Williams

Nico Williams is set to sign his first professional contract with Athletic (ZF)

Nico Williams is one of the pearls of the Lezama and, as the younger brother of Iñaki Williams, has a lot of expectations on his shoulders. The 17-year-old has played at a very high level since joining Lezama in 2013, often one of the top players in his age group, and made his professional debut with CD Basconia earlier this season. With a bright future ahead, Williams will soon sign his first professional contract.

According to an exclusive report from Javier Ortiz De Lazcano of El Correo, Athletic have begun negotiations with Nico Williams with the young forward expected to sign his first deal very soon. While Athletic have offered Williams a professional contract in the past, his family chose to wait until he was older which they believed was better for his development. During this time he has played under a Federation Card.

Signing a contract will not only allow Nico Williams to be paid for the first time, it will also include a release clause which hasn’t existed in the past. This season the starlet has made 15 appearances for Juvenil A, scoring 6 goals, and is expected to be promoted to Basconia in the summer and possibly spend time with Bilbao Athletic as well.

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