Iago Herrerín Involved In Altercation With An Athletic Fan Following Cup Win Over Barcelona

Iago Herrerin Training

Iago Herrerín has received constant abuse from fans in recent years (AC)

Athletic goalkeeper Iago Herrerín has been the recipient of unwarranted criticism in recent years and the issue has grown worse over time. While the 31-year-old has made some mistakes during his career and is known for taking risks at his position, insulting a player is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, the abuse has become a daily occurrence for Herrerín.

In an attempt to distance himself from the negativity, Herrerín has taken regular breaks from social media and has even addressed the harsh treatment from fans on a number of occasions this season. However, everyone has a break point and it appears as though Herrerín hit his on Thursday night following Athletic’s historic 1-0 win over Barcelona.

A video has recently surfaced which shows Herrerín being restrained by a group of people as he and a young man exchange words during an argument. According to sources, the unidentified person was constantly shouting insults at Herrerín who was waiting for a taxi and the goalkeeper eventually had enough and began defending himself. People quickly separated the two before the altercation became physical.

Being on the receiving end of criticism isn’t easy and, while professional athletes must hold themselves to a higher standard, football players are still human beings. Herrerín has shared that he’s received death threats, messages wishing that he’d get a serious injury, and constant insults about his weight. The insults have been disgusting and do not reflect the love and respect that true fans have for the players that represent the club every single day.

Herrerín knows that responding to the young man on the streets of Bilbao wasn’t the right way to handle the situation and has since released a statement on the incident.

“The truth is that I had no been drinking. I was out calling for a taxi and there is nothing more beautiful than listening to insults, contempt, etc, and so on. As you will understand, I endure a lot and yesterday I burst. Perhaps I didn’t have to pay attention but it’s day after day with the insults. You have to think a little about everything, but I only ask for respect. I think that respect goes everywhere and I didn’t disrespect anyone. It’s hard for people who don’t know you to insult you every day. There needs to be a little understanding.”

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