Espanyol Identify 12 Fans Involved In Racial Abuse Directed At Iñaki Williams

Inaki Williams Espanyol

Iñaki Williams was subjected to racial abuse by Espanyol fans (AC)

Iñaki Williams was subjected to racial abuse as he left the field in the second half of Athletic’s match against Espanyol on Sunday. Videos quickly surfaced where the vile insults could be clearly heard and the football world immediately came together in support of Williams who was outspoken about the incident after the match. Espanyol soon announced that they would be carrying out an investigation with local law enforcement which has already yielded results.

On Monday the club released a statement detailing that 12 individuals were successfully identified in sections 107 and 108 that were taking part in the racist abuse. Of those involved, nine were Espanyol Socios and the other three were simply fans who had purchased tickets to the game. With positive identification having been made, punishment will follow.

La Liga has charged the 12 individuals with hate crimes which could result in punishments as severe as 1-4 years in prison. Espanyol are also in the process of determining their own form of justice through the club’s Social Discipline Committee and have given their report to the police. “We fight against these attitudes and condemn them,” said Vice President Carlos García Pont. “Football is a sport that has values that we must defend. Those who aren’t in defense of these values have no place in our club.”

Racism has no place in football or anywhere else in the world.

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