Imanol García De Albéniz Flashing Impressive Potential In First Season With Bilbao Athletic

Imanol Garcia de Albeniz

Imanol has been excellent in 13 appearances with Bilbao Athletic this season (AC)

Athletic Club’s Juvenil A team of 2017/2018 was one of the most talented in the history of the club. With players like Oihan Sancet, Unai Vencedor, and Juan Artola in the squad the team cruised to a league title and made a very deep run in the cup. Eventually, the group would be split up in the summer as most were promoted to CD Basconia though a few made the jump straight to Bilbao Athletic.

The success of the attacking players often overshadowed the defenders in the team, but there was impressive quality and potential in the backline. In particular, left-back Imanol García de Albéniz was exceptional and stood out for his reliable defending as well as his ability to go forward and create chances for his teammates.

Imanol, who joined Lezama back in 2010, was one of the best players for Basconia last season following his promotion. The defender made 36 appearances and scored one goal which earned him a full promotion to Bilbao Athletic over the summer. As expected, Imanol began the campaign on the bench but has quickly overtaken Jon Rojo to become the starting left-back.

Since coming into the lineup Imanol has improved at a rapid pace and is showing the immense potential that has always been on display at Lezama. The 19-year-old has been strong in defense, winning tackles and reading the game well, while also contributing heavily in attack. In just 13 appearances Imanol has already provided 3 assists and scored the winning goal in Sunday’s 3-2 victory over Calahorra.

Imanol has the potential to become a complete left-back, capable of playing both ways, and could soon be challenging for a place in the first team. With pace, positioning, vision, technique, and a great understanding of the game he has a bright future ahead. For now, it’s important that Imanol continues to get regular minutes to facilitate his development and prepare him to take the next step in his young career.

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