Gaizka Larrazabal “We Are Going To Die For The Cup”

Gaizka Larrazabal Intercity

Gaizka Larrazabal provided two assists in Athletic’s 3-0 win over Intercity (AC)

Gaizka Larrazabal made the most of his opportunity in Athletic’s win over Intercity on Tuesday night. The 22-year-old was named to the starting lineup for the team’s opening match of the Copa del Rey campaign and assisted the first two goals in an impressive 3-0 win at Estadio Martínez Valero. After the game, Larrazabal didn’t hide the fact that Athletic fully intend to compete for the club’s 25th Cup title.

“We are going to die for the Cup,” the winger told DAZN reporters. “Our dream is to win it.” With the new Copa del Rey format doing away with home and away legs until the semi-finals, clubs like Athletic will have an even better chance to challenge for a place in the final. For now, Larrazabal says that Athletic’s quality was the biggest factor in the win over Intercity.

“We had seen their matches and knew that we could have a difficult game. It was difficult for us because they have quality, but the difference in level was noticeable from the 60th or 65th minute when the gaps began to open. In the end, our level has been seen because we were able to wear them down and score goals. It was important to go ahead so soon in the opening minutes because it gave us peace of mind to do things right and propose our game.”

Larrazabal hasn’t had many minutes this season but was determined to show his best against Intercity. “I’m very comfortable,” he said when asked about his limited chances. “Personally, I knew that this would be an opportunity that the coach gave me to take advantage of. Things have gone well. We played into space and wore them down to be able to extend the lead.”

Tuesday’s stellar performance wasn’t the first impressive showing from Larrazabal this season. “Maybe I also looked good in the match against Leganés and not only today. The key is to go into each game with confidence, with some spark, and the peace of mind to do what I know and what the Mister asks of me. I’m happy with my performance.”

Gaizka Larrazabal Espanyol

“I’m happy with my performance.” (EC)

The two assists that Larrazabal provided were perfect examples of what he offers the team. Over the past year the Lezama product has shared his pride in playing as a true winger in a time where the position is becoming more rare.

“Today there are many teams who play through the middle with a lot of quality players, but you don’t have to belittle the pure wingers, like me, who play down the side. I like to play on the side. I’m happy to assist my teammates twice because we have all done things to help the team win.”

Gaizka Larrazabal has answered the call every time he’s been given chances this season and is deserving of more opportunities. Always full of confidence, the starlet could be rewarded with more minutes in the busy weeks ahead.

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