The New Representatives Of Unai Núñez Meet With Athletic Club For First Time

Unai Nunez Real Betis

Unai Núñez has made just five appearances so far this season (AC)

It’s been nearly two months since Unai Núñez parted ways with former agent Félix Tainta in favor of signing with Leaderbrock Sports. The exact reason for the change is still unknown at this point and at the time speculations varied from the defender making the decision in hopes of negotiating a new deal with Athletic all the way to being certain that he wanted to leave. Splitting with Tainta, who represents several Athletic players, was surprising nonetheless.

The decision came all the way back in mid October, though Núñez’s new representatives didn’t immediately open dialogue with Athletic. According to an exclusive report from Javier Ortiz De Lazcano of El Correo, the first meeting between Leaderbrock Sports and Athletic took place last week. Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta was a part of the conversations and the meeting ended without a firm date being set to begin actual contract negotiations.

Núñez’s current contract runs through 2023, however, the €30 million release clause is a major issue. The 22-year-old is one of the best young center-backs in Europe and many clubs, including Bayern Munich and Arsenal, have expressed interest. The January transfer window will open in just a few weeks and, until a new deal is reached, the possibility of leaving Athletic remains.

The Lezama product has made two things very clear throughout the past year. Núñez wants to stay at Athletic and succeed with his boyhood club but, most importantly, he wants to play. Sitting behind Yeray and Iñigo Martinez has several limited Núñez’s minutes and the defender will reluctantly consider an exit if the situation doesn’t change.

Athletic view Unai Núñez as a very important player for the present and future and are confident that they will be able to convince him to sign an improved contract. The club has asked the starlet for patience, but it’s running thin. In the end, the decision will ultimately be up to Núñez and guaranteed minutes will be the biggest factor in negotiations.

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