Athletic Club Celebrate International Euskera Day

Athletic Euskaraldia

Athletic celebrate International Euskera Day (AC)

Once a year the Basque language, Euskera, is celebrated and honored on what is known as International Euskera Day. The event seeks to raise awareness of the ancient language and encourage the learning and speaking of Euskera in order to preserve it. As always, Athletic Club took part in the special day which is celebrated on 3 December.

Athletic posted a video on social media which included the men’s and women’s team, as well as coaches, who encouraged others to celebrate the language and to remind everyone of the importance of Euskera. Oscar De Marcos, women’s captain Ainhoa Tirapu, and Gaizka Garitano then delivered the club’s message for Euskaraldia.

“Gure bizitzaren parte delako, euskarak guztiok batzen gaituelako, eta daukagun altxorra zaindu behar dugulako. Athletic ere, euskararen alde.”

Because it’s part of out lives, because Euskera unites us all, and because we must take care of the treasure that we have. Athletic, also in favor of Euskera.

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