Bilbao Athletic 3-3 Izarra: Kumeak Mount Comeback At Lezama

Oier Zarraga Celebrate

Bilbao Athletic scored two late goals to rescue a point against Izarra (AC)

Football is cyclical. Every team will go on runs, both good and bad, and after a blistering start to the season Bilbao Athletic are now finding it difficult to win games. The Kumeak have suffered two losses over the past three weeks and were determined to take all three points on Sunday when they hosted Izarra at Lezama.

The start couldn’t have been better. Just five minutes into the game Bilbao Athletic were able to open up the scoring when Izarra failed to clear a low cross into the box. The ball fell to Oier Zarraga who immediately blasted a shot that beat the keeper to give the Kumeak an early 1-0 lead. Although the score would hold until halftime there were plenty more goals to come.

Coming out of the break it wouldn’t take long for Izarra to equalize. In the 50th minute a ball was played over the top of the Bilbao Athletic defense which gave Cabrera plenty of time and space to settle and beat the keep with a low shot. The visitors would then take the lead 13 minutes later when a long shot rebounded off the crossbar and fell to Pablo Ruiz for an easy finish.

The game appeared to be over in the 68th minute when Izarra played a ball through the defense to Antonio who scored the team’s third goal of the evening. However, Bilbao Athletic refused to hang their heads. Zarraga would pull a goal back in the 85th minute when the midfielder finished a cross from Imanol García de Albéniz before Juan Artola capitalized on a rebounded shot just seconds later to level the score.

Bilbao Athletic were unable to find the late winner, but did secure an important point with the 3-3 draw. Sunday’s result saw the Kumeak remain second in the table, now three points behind Logróñes, though Joseba Etxeberria’s side will have the opportunity to challenge for the top spot on Friday when they travel to Leioa.

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