Gorka Guruzeta To Feature In Athletic’s U23 International Cup Match Against Wolves

Gorka Guruzeta Eibar

Gorka Guruzeta will play with the U23 team in England on Wednesday (AC)

Gorka Guruzeta made his return from ACL surgery two weeks ago in a friendly against Eibar and could take the field again on Wednesday. The young striker has been called up for Athletic’s U23 match against Wolves which will take place at St George’s Park and will be the team’s second match of the Premier League International Cup. The Kumeak fell 1-0 to PSG in the opening fixture back in October.

In addition to Guruzeta, Joseba Etxeberria has called up 13 players from Bilbao Athletic and four from CD Basconia for the trip to England. The squad list for the match is as follows: Ander Iru, Jesús Areso, Iñigo Baqué, Julen Bernaola, Asier Córdoba, Imanol García de Albeniz, Oier Luengo, Javier Murua, Álvaro Núñez, Aitor Paredes, Beñat Prados, Jon Rojo, Antonio Salado,  Julen Agirrezabala, Jon Cabo, Jon Guruzeta, and Unai Naveira.

Athletic will be eager for a big win over Wolves in order to keep pace in the group which also includes Liverpool. This is the sixth year of the tournament and Athletic are hopeful to make a deep run as young players get the opportunity to test themselves against other top footballers their age.

In addition to playing in Wednesday’s match, Guruzeta has also been made available to Joseba Etxeberria for Bilbao Athletic. The striker will feature in Sunday’s match against Izarra at Lezama which will be a huge boost for the team who are currently without a striker with Andoni Tascón and Ewan Urain injured. Gorka Guruzeta will continue with Bilbao Athletic for the foreseeable future with the goal of joining a club in the Segunda on loan in January.

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