Oihan Sancet “I’m Focused On Earning A Place In The First Team”

Oihan Sancet Osasuna

Oihan Sancet made his first start in Athletic’s win over Osasuna (AC)

Oihan Sancet’s childhood dream finally came true on Sunday as the 19-year-old made his first start for Athletic Club. The midfielder assisted the opening goal and played 74 minutes before being taken off in the second half. It was a long anticipated moment for the starlet who proved that he’s ready for this level of football.

“This was my first game as a starter; I had been waiting for it for a long time and in the end we achieved a victory,” Sancet told Athletic TV after the match. “I’m very happy. It was complicated for me and my teammates helped me a lot. There are amazing players here that make you better. It’s easier with them next to me. Hopefully I will continue to have opportunities to demonstrate and do my best.”

Interestingly, Sancet admitted that he had no idea he would be starting until hours before kickoff. “The coach chooses the lineup and you have an idea, although you don’t know until the last minute,” he said. “I found out that I would be starting at the stadium and was very happy. It’s a memory I will keep for all my life. The shirt will be framed at home.”

When asked if he was nervous Sancet explained that it really doesn’t happen to him when it comes to football. He did, however, feel the effects of the pace of the first division. Sancet also shared that he doesn’t care where he plays in the midfielder because he’s comfortable in multiple roles.

“Football is what I like to do. I’ve been playing for many years and I don’t get nervous with this sport. I did notice the fatigue. It’s a determining factor in the Primera because there is a high pace. It shows a lot and makes a difference. At the lower levels I have also played as an 8 then I was moved to the 10 and I’m fine in both positions. I don’t mind playing there.”

Oihan Sancet Osasuna

“When you go up you want to stay up and do your best.” (AC)

Sancet has been one of the most exciting prospects to come through Lezama in recent years which also comes with high expectations. The 19-year-old stated that he doesn’t listen to the hype and instead just works every day to improve.

“I hear things but I don’t pay much attention. I’m focused on myself and working to get as high as possible with the hope of earning a place in the first team. That’s the intention. When you go up you want to stay up and do your best. That’s what I will work for little by little.”

Making his first start for Athletic was special, but doing so against his former club was an added bonus. “I grew up here, I spent five years at Osasuna,” the midfielder explained. “I only have words of thanks because they treated me amazingly. Aside from today, I wish them the best luck ever.” Oihan Sancet has shown that he can handle the level of football in La Liga and hopes to earn more chances in the games ahead.

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