Joseba Etxeberria “There’s No Time For Regrets”

Joseba Etxeberria

Joseba Etxeberria has already turned his attention to Bilbao Athletic’s next match (AC)

Bilbao Athletic suffered their second defeat in three games on Sunday as the Kumeak fell 2-0 to a struggling Guijuelo side. Despite the fact that Guijuelo have spent the season near the bottom of the table, Joseba Etxeberria told reporters after they game that they are far better than the standings would suggest and that Bilbao Athletic were unable to match their intensity.

“There is a lot of equality in this group and at this level. With this type of game, and how uncomfortable it was, it gives more value to the things we have done well so far. Guijuelo are a much better team than the table says and they can give their best version at any time. They were better than us today. We knew we had to adapt to our opponents as well as the field (which was synthetic). We tried in the second half but it wasn’t to be.”

Guijuelo made things very difficult for Bilbao Athletic after scoring the first goal. However, the Kumeak never gave up and continued to attack. In the end, Etxeberria’s side were unable to level the score while the hosts played well across the full 90 minutes.

“We were uncomfortable after the first goal but tried to take a step forward. The killed the game with the second goal. We lacked more intensity and Guijuelo were superior in this area. They have players with great potential and those who have played for important teams. In other games we have shown our best version and that’s why we are higher.”

Unai Vencedor

Bilbao Athletic were held scoreless for just the third time this season (AC)

Despite the poor result, Etxeberria says there’s no time to mourn the loss and that the team must begin preparing for next weekend’s match against Izarra. Playing at Lezama will give the Kumeak an important advance, though the manager expects another difficult fixture.

“There’s no time for regrets. We have to recover and think about the next game against Izarra. Everyone wants to give their best level and that’s what we are expecting. We must manage how players will recover and also how we will be against Izarra, although we are more comfortable at our field which gives us a boost. We hope to win again and have a good performance.”

The loss to Guijuelo saw Bilbao Athletic lose their place at the top of the table with Logróñes taking a one point lead. Bilbao Athletic have been arguably the best team in the Segunda B this season but injuries continued to be an issue. Sunday’s match against Izarra will be a great opportunity to retake the lead but first many players will be competing on Wednesday in England as Athletic’s U23 team face off with Wolves in the Premier League International Cup.

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