Arrate And Josu Juste Make History As First Brother And Sister To Represent Athletic

Josu Arrate Juste

Josu and Arrate Juste are the first brother and sister to represent Athletic (AC)

Athletic is a family. For over a century fathers, sons, cousins, and brothers have all worn the Zurigorri colors and it’s this very familial aspect that makes the club unlike any other in football. In fact, just a few weeks ago Xabier and Unai Naveira became the first brothers in score in the same game with CD Basconia. The feat had already happened for the first team with two different sets of brothers.

With decades of family members representing Athletic there have been countless special moments at the club and history continues to be made. On Friday, Athletic released a video highlighting Arrate and Josu Juste, the first brother and sister to represent the club as professionals at the same time.

“I’m the oldest of the two, 21 years old,” Arrate said in the beginning of the video. “I started playing at Leioako Emakumeak at the age of eight and started in the field, but a coach convinced me to become a goalkeeper and I ended up liking it. I have ended up being a goalkeeper.” Arrate joined the club in the summer of 2017 and is currently the captain of the Feminino B team

Josu, who is two years younger than his sister, also represented Leioa before making the move to Athletic. “I’m 19 years old and I started playing with the extracurriculars after school,” he began. “Then I went on to play for the village team, for Leioa. Just last year I played here at Lezama and now I’m with Basconia.” The winger signed for Juvenil A last season, where he scored 10 goals, and is already become an important player for the Basconia team.

The siblings are very close and football is the biggest part of their life even though they play different positions. “My father was a goalkeeper when he was young and I think I have inherited his skill in goal,” said Arrate. “In the end, everyone choose what they want to be and my brother decided to be a forward.” The two say they talk about football all the time, especially when sharing meals on the weekend, and have the same dream of reaching the Athletic first teams.

While the Juste siblings are the first to represent Athletic as professionals, they aren’t the first to be at the club together. For instance, Eider and Pello Arana have spent the last three years at Lezama and are expected to be joined by their younger brother, Xabi, next season. Eiber (13) currently plays left-back at the Infantil level while Pello (17) plays the same position for Femenino B.

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