Aitor Seguin Makes Return In Friendly With CD Basconia

Aitor Seguin

Aitor Seguin scored a goal in his friendly with CD Basconia (ZF)

The past three years have been a nightmare for Aitor Seguin. At one point the winger was one of the most promising young players coming through Lezama but an ACL injury in April of 2016 changed everything. Since then, Seguin has featured in just 12 games and has suffered several setbacks while on the road to recovery. It appeared as though the 24-year-old may never play football again, but Seguin has refused to give up.

A few months ago Seguin began stem cell therapy under the supervision of Dr. Mikel Sánchez, according to a report from Javier Beltrán of El Correo. The goal of the treatment was to regenerate tissue in the player’s right knee and so far it has been a success. Seguin began normal training a few weeks ago and finally made his return to the field on Wednesday.

Seguin was called up for a friendly with CD Basconia against a Euskadi U23 team and scored the only goal for the Basauritarras. Euskadi U23 may have won the friendly 3-1 but the real victory was the fact that Aitor Seguin was able to play again without any setback or issues. The Lezama product will continue training under the orders of Joseba Etxeberria and hopes to finally make the injuries a thing of the past.

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