Joseba Etxeberria “The Sending Off Totally Changed The Game”

Joseba Etxeberria Bilbao Athletic

Joseba Etxeberria was proud of his team’s effort while down to ten players (AC)

Bilbao Athletic’s 9 game unbeaten streak came to an end on Sunday as the Kumeak fell 2-0 to Burgos at El Plantío. Joseba Etxeberria’s side started really strong, but left-back Imanol García de Albéniz was shown a red card early in the first half which changed everything. Playing the rest of the game with a man down proved to be the difference maker.

“The start was very good,” Etxeberria said after the match. “We controlled the ball on their side of the field, created chances, some very good, and controlled the game. The sending off totally changed the game and was decisive. There was a lot of time left to play, more than an hour, and they forced a lot from us. Playing at a disadvantage against a team like Burgos is very complicated.”

Despite the disadvantage, Etxeberria noted that Bilbao Athletic were still able to create a few scoring chances. “We were organized and had the feeling that we could score, but there was a lot of physical demand. We had opportunities and set pieces, but we just weren’t successful. In the end it was 2-0 but the players showed their faces and emptied themselves.”

Seeing their unbeaten streak come to an end was frustrating. “It’s a shame not to add any points after a long time but our road map is still the same and we have many things to improve,” Etxeberria continued. However, the manager wouldn’t offer his opinion on the controversial red card. “The play happened far away from us so we will have to wait to see it.”

Bilbao Athletic will be back in action on Saturday when the Kumeak host Unionistas at Lezama. Unionistas are new to the Segunda B this season after earning promotion but have struggled and currently sit one stop above the bottom of the table. This match will be a great opportunity for Bilbao Athletic to get back to their winning ways and continue to build on their lead at the top of the standings.

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