Aitor Córdoba “It’s Unknown What Would Have Happened If I Joined Bilbao Athletic

Aitor Cordoba

Aitor Córdoba had the opportunity to join Bilbao Athletic years ago (EC)

As Bilbao Athletic prepare to travel to Burgos on Sunday they do so with a firm lead at the top of the table. Joseba Etxeberria’s side have been arguably the best team in all of the Segunda B and will look to build on their incredible start to the season at El Plantío. The Kumeak have found success in part because of their focus on taking the season one game at a time, but this match will be even more meaningful for two brothers.

Aitor Córdoba, the older brother of Athletic’s Iñigo Córdoba, currently plays for Burgos while Asier Córdoba, the youngest of the three, is in his second year with Bilbao Athletic. “It’s a little special,” Aitor told Javier Beltrán in an interview with El Correo on Wednesday. “My brother is on the other team so it’s not just any match. I will greet him, but then we will be opponents. There are three points on the line for us and them.”

Injuries have kept Asier from being able to feature much this season and lately he’s gone without playing. “You would have to ask him,” Aitor answered when asked how his brother is handling the situation. “At home I encourage him to continue working like he has been. He’s young and he will have opportunities for more minutes. He’s happy and working for his chances.”

Iñigo Córdoba has often say that Asier is the best of the three brothers. That may turn out to be the case, but for now Aitor says it will be hard for Asier to accomplish what Iñigo has in reaching the first team.

“The truth is that Asier is the one that we all believed was going to go the furthest, but seeing what Iñigo has already achieved it’s very difficult to pick one over the other. I hope Asier can follow in Iñigo’s footsteps because Iñigo have been fortunate.”

Speaking of Iñigo, Aitor is happy to see his brother doing so well at Athletic. “It’s true that there were many times that he was left out of the squad, but now he’s having more opportunities as a starter,” said the eldest. “He’s played many games and is enjoying minutes. I hope it stays that way. Iñigo is working well, like he always has. He’s giving everything although there are days that are better and others that are worse.”

Inigo Asier Cordoba

Iñigo and Asier Córdoba in training together at Lezama (Zabaleta)

Burgos currently sit four points off of the top four in the table and a victory over Bilbao Athletic would be a massive result. When asked about how well the Kumeak have played this year, especially while having to make do without a regular striker, Aitor Córdoba was quick to highlight that Joseba Etxeberria’s team is full of quality.

“I’m not surprised. Bilbao Athletic are coming from a very good season last year. They have players of great quality and that’s reflected by how many go up to the first team. They have a great team so we will try to give our best level. They may be without a striker but we’ve seen how well they have played. They have a really good team, the best players in Euskadi.”

Along with Ewan Urain and Andoni Tascón being injured for Sunday’s match, there’s alway a possibility that Oihan Sancet could be called up to the first team. “The more players missing the better,” Aitor said with a laugh. “Their squad is very good. They have players like Vencedor who is at a great level and others like Zarraga and Morcillo. They have a lot of quality and rhythm. They are quite dangerous.”

Aitor Córdoba is a graduate of Leioa’s youth academy, but received interest from Bilbao Athletic for a number of years. In the end, the 24-year-old never made the move because it would have conflicted with his studies and he’s happy with how his career has progressed. “It’s unknown what would have happened if I joined Bilbao Athletic, but I don’t regret anything I’ve done so far. I’m very happy to be where I am.”

Aitor Córdoba has already played against Iñigo during his spell with Bilbao Athletic but will unlikely face Asier on Sunday due to the fact that the 19-year-old has rarely featured this season. Regardless, this will be another special game for the Córdoba family and both teams will be hoping to take the three points at El Platíno.

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