Julen Guerrero “Sancet Is A Complete Footballer”

Oihan Sancet Celta Vigo

Julen Guerrero sees something special in Oihan Sancet (AC)

There may be no greater honor for an Athletic than being praised by Julen Guerrero. Widely regarded as the best midfielder to ever wear the Zurigorri colors, Guerrero knows what it takes to succeed at San Mamés. While attending an event as the Ambassador of Bilbao for the upcoming EURO 2020 tournament, Guerrero shared his belief that Oihan Sancet has the quality to become a very special player for Athletic.

“Sancet is a complete footballer. He can contribute in the center of the field and, at the same time, contribute goals in attack. He covers a lot of ground. I like players in those positions who can arrive in the box. There are midfielders who, in the end, stay in the middle. Sancet is complete and you have to take advantage of it. Little by little he will be getting minutes to settle into the first team.”

When asked about the lack of Athletic players in Spain’s U15 and U16 teams, Guerrero admitted that it isn’t easy for multiple players to be called from a single club. “The truth is that the rest of the clubs in Spain are working very hard to develop young players”, he explained. “Every team has their own facilities, methodologies, and there is a lot of competition so it’s difficult. But Athletic is a pioneer and will continue to work. Players will come.”

Athletic will likely have at least representative during EURO 2020 with Iñigo Martinez competing for a starting role alongside Sergio Ramos. Guerrero would like to see other Lions join Martinez in the Selection. “Hopefully there will be even more which would mean that the level of the team is good and that season has been good. The trajectory of the team is promising.”

Julen Guerrero

Guerrero will serve as Ambassador of Bilbao for EURO 2020 (AS)

Turning the attention to Athletic’s current season, Guerrero isn’t surprised by the recent criticism with the team having gone four straight games without a victory. It’s a normal part of football and the legendary midfielder is confident that Saturday’s match against Atlético Madrid could be a turning point in the campaign.

“Criticism is normal when you have such a streak, but it’s normal and usually happen throughout the season. It’s impossible that the inertia is always positive. It’s true that a victory changes everything a little and playing at the Wanda will be complicated. Many times, those wins come when you least expect them to come. Atlético also has doubts and aren’t going through a great moment. Everything is possible.”

In closing, Guerrero shared that he’s very happy coaching youth teams for Spain. “I’m feeling very good, very happy really. I’m enjoying the lower categories a lot. There’s more free time but I really enjoy it. I want to try to help kids as much as possible depending on the category and to have contact with them.” Youth development is one of Julen Guerrero’s greatest passions and he sees a lot of potential in the future of Athletic Club.

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