Athletic Club Will Move Forward With Plans To Reform The Lezama Facilities


An aerial view of the current Lezama complex (AC)

“Our commitment will continue to be on Lezama so that the residence may one day have the space that we all want.” These words from Athletic President Aitor Elizegi during Sunday’s General Assembly confirmed that the club will continue with the Lezama Master Plan which began under Josu Urrutia. “The club has the will to reform the facilities and build residences for young players.”

The construction of a new building the first team and residences for players in the academy headline the comprehensive reform of the Lezama facilities. Barring any unforeseen issues, the new first team facilities will be opened in the 2020/2021 season. The building will be 3,580 square meters including 1,900 square meters underground.

Moving the first team facilities will then allow the club the move forward with the construction of a residence building for youth players. “This has been one of the main demands shared with us during these months”, the Board explained. “It’s about integrating these players into the structure of Lezama and so they don’t have to live outside.”

The youth residence building will be 1,200 square meters consisting of 15 rooms per floor. As part of the plans, the current main building will also be remodeled for use as well. The club and Socios believe that these improvements are vitally necessary and will go a long way in taking Athletic forward. As a whole, the plans are expected to be completed in late 2022.

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