Aitor Elizegi Reaches Agreement With Socios To Move Forward With Plans For The Grada De Animación

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Athletic will move forward with plans for the Grada de Animación (AC)

Promoting the Grada de Animación was one of Aitor Elizegi’s biggest goals during his campaign to become the new president of Athletic Club. The emphasis that was placed on this project won Elizegi many voters and, in turn, the election. Since then, moving forward with plans hasn’t been easy. Several obstacles have stood in the way of progress but that won’t be the case much longer.

The Board’s biggest challenge has been relocating Socios from sections 107 and 108, where the Grada de Animación will be located, to other parts of San Mamés. Initially, the club offered Socios different options to choose from such as keeping their current seats and being a part of the Grada and simply relocating. However, many of those affected by the plans refused and formed an assembly in opposition.

More 200 Socios joined the assembly and delivered over 900 signatures of support to Ibaigane last week. In response, Aitor Elizegi contacted each member to request a meeting to discuss the situation in hopes of finding a resolution. The meetings took place on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, attended by Elizegi himself, and the two sides have come to an agreement according to a report from Pako Ruiz of DEIA.

Final details will be decided in the coming days with a full agreement expected to be in place before the club’s General Assembly is held on 20 October. Elizegi agreed to relocate the Socios to seats above their current ones at no added charge, although not everyone can be moved immediately. It could take as many as two or three years to properly relocate each person so those who are waiting on new seats will be able to enjoy matches from the VIP area.

With a principle agreement in place, the assembly of Socios have ended their signature collection campaign and will now work with Athletic’s Board of Directors to finalize a deal over the next few days. Negotiating a resolution before the General Assembly is a massive victory for Aitor Elizegi who will now be able to move forward with his plans for the Grada de Animación.

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