Aitor Elizegi To Meet With Socios Affected By The Grada De Animación Before October’s General Assembly

Fans San Mames

Promoting the Grada de Animación has come with many challenges (AC)

Promoting the Grada de Animación was by far Aitor Elizegi’s biggest focus throughout his presidential campaign. Vast amounts of fans wanted the Grada restored in order to create an even better atmosphere at San Mamés and some sources have even gone as far to say that this was the biggest reason why Elizegi won the election. It’s been nearly a year since the votes were cast but there are still many roadblocks to overcome.

To begin with, the sections designated for the Grada de Animación already have many seats owned by Socios. The club announced back in June that they would be contacting each of these members with several offers, such as keeping their seats and being part of the Grada or even relocating, but were not met with as much positivity as expected. A large group have refused to move and have even formed a group to combat the situation.

Over 200 Socios have joined the platform and on Friday delivered more than 900 signatures to Ibaigane in opposition of the current plan that has been proposed for the Grada de Animación. Several weeks ago it was pointed out that the bylaws allow Athletic to remove Socios and relocate them to other seats in specific situations which has further angered the group that would be affected.

Elizegi and his Board are still confident that they will be able to unify the Socios currently in sections 107 and 108 in order to move forward with the plans for the Grada de Animación. With the General Assembly coming up on 20 October, Elizegi has contacted the Socios with a request to meet and hopefully come to a resolution through open dialogue. The meeting is expected to take place in the coming days but it’s clear that promoting the Grada de Animación has already been more challenging than expected.

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