Joseba Etxeberria “This Type Of Match Will Be Good For The Development Of The Players”

Joseba Etxeberria Bilbao Athletic

Joseba Etxeberria has led Bilbao Athletic to four straight wins (AC)

Bilbao Athletic won their fourth straight game on Saturday, defeating Arenas Club 2-1 on the road thanks to a late goal from Oier Luengo. The Kumeak have looked fantastic this season under new manager Joseba Etxeberria who was quick to praise his team after the victory. Etxeberria explained that it was one of the hardest games of the season, but also a good learning experience for the young squad.

“We knew what we were going to face. Despite being low in the table, Arenas is a very intense and organized team. We knew it would be difficult to score against them. It was a different game than we normally play in Lezama and we had to work hard to win challenges and second chances. We had to make adjustments because they made us suffer so we played more direct than ever. This type of match will be very good for the development of the players. There was little fluidity, but football is like this sometimes. You have to know how to play these games.”

Once again Iñigo Baqué started at striker but Ewan Urain was able to make his season debut late in the second half. “Baqué did well with his minutes and so did Urain at the end”, Etxeberria noted. “Both helped us create dangerous chances.” Baqué began his career as a defender before eventually moving into the midfield. Featuring as a striker has been an interesting necessity due to injuries.

Saturday’s victory was even more impressive considering the fact that Oihan Sancet wasn’t available for the match due to being called up to the first team. “We want this, that players move up, and if it can happen to two or three players then that’s even better”, Etxeberria answered when asked about the situation. The manager understands well that the biggest goal is getting players read to take the next step.

Bilbao Athletic will now start preparing for next weekend’s match against Amorebieta where Etxeberria coached just a few years ago. “I have many friends there”, he shared. “It’s a special game because of the relationships, but we are going with the idea of playing well. We want to continue this streak and hopefully we will have five straight wins.”

The victory over Arenas saw Bilbao Athletic move to the very top of the league table with 16 points which gives the players even more confidence and motivation. “It’s always important to start well because the young players are more dedicated to work on more things, but we can’t relax. The season is very long.” Etxeberria knows more than most what it takes to succeed and he’s committed to preparing the next generation of Lions.

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