Athletic Will Compete In Friendly Tournament Against Barakaldo And Alavés On 10 October

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Athletic will participate in a friendly tournament hosted by Barakaldo (AC)

Athletic have made it a habit over the past few years to remain active during international breaks. It’s a common occurrence for the Basques to play at least one friendly when club seasons are halted and that will once again be the case in October. Following Sunday’s trip to Celta Vigo the team will be out of action for two weeks but have revealed they they will participate in a local tournament.

On Monday Athletic officially announced that the team will travel to Lasesarre on 10 October for a friendly tournament hosted by Barakaldo. Alavés will also take part in the tournament as all three clubs will face each other in 45 minute matches before a champion is announced.

The tournament will not only allow Athletic and Alavés to work on improvements and keep their rhythm during the break, but the exposure should also bring in revenue for Barakaldo. Further information regarding kickoff times and where to purchase tickets will be announced at a later date.

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