Athletic Hire Two Professionals To Improve The Club’s Brand And Increase Revenue

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi has emphasized Athletic’s growth in branding and revenue (AC)

As Aitor Elizegi campaigned for the Athletic Presidency last year he greatly emphasized several important topics. The famous cook wanted to protect the club’s identity, continue growing the Women’s game, strengthen the success on the field, significantly improve the club’s brand, and increase income and revenue. Those last two issues were discussed at length and, although they haven’t necessarily been visibly addressed, action has already been taken.

Athletic have hired two highly respected and proven professionals to help improve the club’s growth off the field. Pablo García Sampedro was hired by the club in August and holds the role of Athletic Business Director. Sampedro joins Athletic from Atlético Madrid where he was responsible for retail and merchandizing and previously worked for Adidas from 2014-2018 where he acted as the senior manager of Real Madrid’s retail business.

Sampedro will be tasked with growing the business and sales of Athletic products such as the AC Brand of clothing which added the One Club Man Brand last year. Pako Ruiz of DEIA has reported that Athletic brought in €7 million in income from these sales last year, far less than the €65 million of both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Sampedro’s objective will be to increase these profits moving forward.

Athletic have also hired Aitor Jiménez Villar who joined the club in July as the Director of Innovation. Villar spent the last three years at Barcelona where he was in charge of Strategic Innovation and played a significant role in helping grow the club’s reach in Asia and America. Aitor Elizegi has shared multiple times that his goal is for the team to be able to travel abroad as well and grow the Athletic brand internationally.

Elizegi was quite critical of the previous Board of Directors, claiming that they didn’t do enough to improve the club’s income and revenue. The first team’s current wage bill is not sustainable without competing in Europe and the President is clearly taking important steps to ensure that Athletic increases profits in order to strengthen the product on the field and remain highly competitive.

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