Basque Football Federation Announce October Friendly Against Argentina At San Mamés


Euskadi will host Argentina on 13 October at San Mamés (EFF)

The Basque Football Federation’s vote in December to apply for FIFA and UEFA recognition was always going to be a challenge. The process will likely take a long time, if it ever actually happens, but the EFF is serious about the pursuit to compete as an independent entity. Ever since the decision was made the Federation has been operating in a more significant manner and continue to surprise.

Euskadi’s trip to Panama in May was a big success. The game might not have been the best to watch, but the Federation showed that they can travel on an international level and represent themselves well. Hiring Javier Clemente as the manager was yet another win for the EFF.

In the past, Euskadi have traditionally played one friendly per year. That is now changing as the Federation looks to compete on a more regular basis in pursuit of securing recognition. On Wednesday the EFF officially announced the next fixture which will take place at San Mamés on 13 October against Argentina.

As expected, this game will be special. Euskadi haven’t played an opponent as prestigious as Argentina since hosting Uruguay in 2003. The Basques have faced Argentina once before, losing 4-0 back in 1922 during a trip to South America. Both sides will be expected to field strong teams and there is already plenty of excitement among the fans. The Basque Federation will release more details about the fixture in the weeks ahead.

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