Oihan Sancet “Every Child’s Dream Is Being Here And Playing Here”

Oihan Sancet Paderborn

Oihan Sancet could make his debut against Barcelona (EC)

Oihan Sancet has been called up for Athletic La Liga opener against Barcelona and could make his debut at San Mamés on Friday night. The midfielder is viewed as a star of the future but also has the quality to be an important player right now at just 19 years old. Speaking with AthleticTV before the game, Sancet shared his excitement.

“I’ve spent many years coming to every match at San Mamés and every child’s dream is being here, playing here”, began the starlet. “I left home at 15 to come to Bilbao and try to fulfill my dream of being a professional player for Athletic. It’s been a long and intense stage of life and I’m very happy to achieve something I’ve been working for since I was young.”

Sancet has spent the last few years watching players who are now his teammates and it’s a special feeling to be with the group. “I’m very excited to share the locker room with these players I’ve been watching since childhood. The dream you have since you are young is to be able to play with all of them and I’m very proud to be able to sit with them on the bench.”

Coming into the first team at such a young age is never easy, but Sancet has many around him who have done the same. “It’s an incredible group. They have all lived something similar to me which is to come into the team very young. They know how to help you and give you a lot of support so everything is much simpler.”

In closing, the most important thing is the team’s success going into Friday night’s match. “The first thing I want is for the team to win and if it can happen with my debut then that would be special”, said Sancet “It’s the dream that every kid has.” The 19-year-old may very well make his Athletic debut against Barcelona and if he does he will be ready to prove himself.

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