Asier Aurtenetxe And Galder Bilbao Join Basconia Juvenil From Lezama

Asier Aurtenetxe Ibai Asenjo Basconia Juvenil B Lezama

Asier Aurtenetxe defends Ibai Asenjo while playing with Basconia (ZF)

Every young player at Lezama dreams of making it to the first team. For a select few that dream will actually become a reality, but not everyone will make it that far. Each year some players leave for various reasons. Most of the time, there aren’t enough minutes to go around and players have to join other academies to continue their development. Now, Athletic are finding ways to keep those promising talents.

As reported by La Cantera De Lezama back in June, Athletic have offered a number of Juvenil players the opportunity to join Basconia’s Juvenil A team this season instead of having to leave Lezama entirely. Doing so would keep the players linked to Athletic with the chance to continue working to achieve their dream of one day reaching the first team. At least two players have accepted the opportunity.

This summer Cadete A defender Asier Aurtenetxe and midfielder Galder Bilbao spent the preseason training with Athletic’s Juvenil B team but were unable to secure a permanent spot in the squad. Earlier this week the pair played with the Basconia Juvenil A team that were beaten 3-0 by Athletic Juvenil B and, according to La Cantera De Lezama, will continue as Basconia players.

At this point it’s unclear whether or not more players from Lezama will make the move to Basconia. The hope is that doing so would see those footballers take another step forward and quickly return to Lezama but that remains to be seen. Either way, Athletic’s relationship with feeder club CD Basconia has certainly brought about great success over the years and will continue to do so.

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