Ibai Gómez “I Think The Team Is Preparing Well For The Start Of The League”

Ibai Gomez Racing

Ibai Gómez was focused on the positives after the 2-1 loss to Racing (AC)

Athletic may have suffered their first loss of the preseason, but winger Ibai Gómez is encouraged by what he’s seen this season. The 29-year-old was quick to point out after the game that the team created a lot of scoring chances, while also acknowledging the intense schedule over the past few weeks. Most importantly, he says, is being ready for the season opener against Barcelona.

“If we take stock of the chance we created, I think we did well. We have played a very serious game. If I am not mistaken they had two opportunities, both goals. When the best player of the game is the opposing goalkeepers that means we have created a lot of chances. If we create opportunities the goals will come. After an intense week this game serves to keep building sensations and adding minutes. It’s been a week of working, traveling, and playing three games in four days. It all adds up. I think the team is preparing well for the start of the League.”

Results don’t really matter in the summer, but they do help build confidence. Gómez went on to say that it’s important for the team to find a rhythm and expressed the importance for the fans to support the players.

“The most important thing is the collective rhythm. I think the team is looking better, getting stronger. We will arrive well at the start league which is the objective, the main objective. We have to keep working well and accumulating minutes against strong teams. We have shown our strength and there are two weeks left until La Liga stars. We have to create excitement for the fans. I think it’s vital that we are all going together in the same direction.”

Ibai Gomez Racing

Ibai Gómez wants to start every game (AC)

In closing, Gómez explained that he believes he has had strong performances during the preseason. His goal is to be in the starting lineup every single match but recognizes that there is a lot of competition in the squad.

“I’m looking good on a personal level. I’m happy with the work I’ve been doing and think I’ve been good. I always want to see myself in the lineup. That is my goal. We all want to play and contribute to the team, which is my goal. For me, the period of adapting has never been an excuse. I came here from day one trying to help and compete. It’s good that the team has competition. It always makes everyone better. I’m very happy to be here, to be competing with other wingers. I trust the entire coaching staff very much.”

Athletic will now begin preparing for Wednesday’s trip to Italy where they will play Roma at Estadio de Renato Curi. This will arguably be the toughest test of the preseason and comes at an important time with La Liga kicking off in less than two weeks.

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