Dani Vivian “It’s Nice To Be At Such A High Level”

Dani Vivian Numancia Celebrate

Dani Vivian is excited to be playing with the first team (AC)

Dani Vivian has been one of the revelations of the summer at Athletic Club. The 20-year-old center-back has been training with the first team during the preseason and was able to score his first goal on Thursday which rescued a 1-1 draw for the Lions against Numancia. After the game, Vivian shared his excitement and desire for more.

“It was a very good goal and I’m very happy about the game. Numancia were a strong opponent. The first half was difficult. We did well, but they moved the ball great. We tried to take the ball from side to side and from there move forward. I think we were good in the second half because we combined play and created more chances. I was very happy to score in the game and I’m eager for another goal.”

Throughout the preseason Vivian has had the opportunity to line up beside other great center-backs and explained that it’s easy to play alongside Iñigo Martinez. When describing his style of play, the defender admitted that he wants to anticipate moments and join in on set pieces when possible.

“It’s very easy to play with Iñigo. He’s very experienced and does things very well. He helps you a lot. I was comfortable beside him and with everyone else. I like to anticipate, be fast, break up plays, be strong, and play easy, simple, and clear football with the idea of going forward. I like to always have my head up and join plays whenever I can.”

Over the past two years Vivian has regularly been called up to train with the first team and believes that those moments have helped prepare him for this summer. He doesn’t feel the pressure of being in the first team and has been amazed at the atmosphere in the locker room.

Dani Vivian Numancia

“I’m eager for another goal.” (AC)

“I’ve been lucky that in these last two years I’ve been able to train with the first team at some points so I more or less already knew the team, but preseason is different. There is a much larger workload and demand, but I’m very comfortable. Above all, the companionship is great. We are all one and there is also very healthy competitiveness in the group. It’s nice to be at such a high level.”

Gaizka Garitano has been very impressed with Vivian and has already decided that he will be the team’s fourth center-back. The Mister believes that Vivian is more than ready for this level of football, though when he isn’t needed he will play with Bilbao Athletic. When asked about it, Vivian said that he hasn’t been told about his future and is just focused on training.

“I don’t know anything”, he answered. “When the club communicates something to me we will all know, but I’m also not letting it get in my head. You have to work hard every day because that’s how you improve and prove yourself. Playing with Bilbao Athletic? I would welcome it. Whatever the club says, that’s what’s going to happen and I will help as much as possible.” Regardless of how many chances he gets with the first team this season, Dani Vivian has a very bright future ahead.

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