Iñigo Córdoba “I’m Doing Well And Happy To Contribute Goals”

Inigo Cordoba Borussia

Iñigo Córdoba celebrates his goal against Borussia (AC)

Iñigo Córdoba is determined to earn a more important role at Athletic this season and he’s well on his way after scoring in the team’s last two friendlies. The 22-year-old has looked stronger and more confident heading into his third season with the first team, playing a big role in the team’s 2-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach on Sunday.

“I’m doing well and happy to contribute goals”, Córdoba told reporters after the game. “I know that in the two seasons I’ve been here I haven’t contributed many I want to take a step forward in that area.” The Lezama product then spoke openly about his close friendship with Gaizka Larrazabal as the pair are pushing each other to be better this year.

“We are players who have a similar profile, we’re both wingers. We have shared many of the same experiences and talk about things that happen to us on the field. Being friends, we have the confidence to stick close to each other. We both know that we have to contribute goals and we are happy with how we’re doing at the moment.”

Looking at the state of the team after three weeks of training, Córdoba is encouraged by the improvement. “For now we are picking up pace, but I don’t think we should look at individual games”, he explained. “The last two have been intense matches. In the first half it was difficult for us to create chances. They dominated us at the beginning, but we pressed well and stayed organized. We played a good game in general so we are happy. I think the whole team is happy.”

Córdoba scored the second goal to seal the victory over Borussia, but replays showed that Iñaki Williams was offside before providing the assist. “VAR told me it was offside, but they didn’t review it and I was able to continue and help create the goal”, said Williams jokingly after the match. It was another good performance from the Lions, which is the most important thing during the preseason, but another win is sure to build confidence moving forward.

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