Iñigo Córdoba “I Hope To Become Important This Year”

Inigo Cordoba

Iñigo Córdoba wants to earn a more important role at Athletic (MD)

Iñigo Córdoba is going into his third year with the Athletic first team and he hopes to earn a more prominent role under Gaizka Garitano. The 22-year-old has been working hard this summer in preparation for the new season and told reporters in Germany that he wants to play more moving forward.

“I hope to become important in the squad this year”, said Córdoba. “Last year I had ups and downs. Berizzo didn’t count on me and I didn’t have those opportunities or continuity. I had more chances with Garitano and took advantage of them. I can play more. Garitano asks me to work hard and be able to cover the entire side. He wants me to link up well, help defend, and supply the strikers.”

On a personal level, Córdoba wants to score more goals. The winger netted Athletic’s second goal in Saturday’s 3-3 draw with Paderborn. Regardless of his role, Córdoba hopes for a great year for the team.

“My goal is to score more goals. I know that I’m an offensive player and I have to contribute more goals. I’m not a striker, but I know I have to take another step forward in this area. Hopefully it will be a great season. The team is really looking forward to it. We are confident and I think we can do beautiful things. The group we have is an amazing group. We can achieve nice things if we work together well.”

Córdoba had more chances last year and hopes to build on that confidence. “Gaizka took the team last year in a delicate situation” he explained. “The goal was to add points. We’ve had more time to work on things this summer and I think we will see an offensive team. We are going to press opponents and win balls. We hope to play great football and possess the ball.” With an entire summer to prepare the Zurigorri are targetting a top-six finish.

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