Aritz Aduriz Makes Athletic History By Playing Alongside Father Aitor And Son Gaizka Larrazabal

Arenas Team

Aritz Aduriz started alongside Gaizka Larrazabal against Arenas (AC)

Athletic is a family in every sense of the word. Throughout history brothers, cousins, fathers, sons, and best friends have all taken the field at San Mamés. Even today there are several examples as the Williams, Córdoba, Guruzeta, and Naveira brothers are all at the club together. Gaizka Larrazabal, son of club legend Aitor Larrazabal, has even been promoted to the first team and helped make history on Saturday.

Despite the countless examples of family members playing for Athletic, there’s never been a father and son share the field at the same time. However, Aritz Aduriz became the first in club history to play alongside a father and son during his career.

In 2002 Aduriz was a promising 21-year-old who was called up to the first team. He may have only featured in 3 matches, but he did play with Aitor Larrazabal who many consider to be the best left-back in club history. On Saturday, nearly 17 years later, he shared the field with 21-year-old Gaizka Larrazabal to bring his career full circle in a very special way.

To put it in perspective, Gaizka was five years old when his father was teammates with Aduriz. Now Gaizka is focused on his own career and has never had any issues being the son of a club legend. The winger is expected to have a permanent role with the first team and hopes to build his own legacy at San Mamés.

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