Patxi Salinas “The Only Thing I Can Promise Is Hard Work”

Patxi Salinas

Patxi Salinas led Basconia in the first day of training on Wednesday (MD)

Patxi Salinas has had quite the managerial career since retiring from football. The former Athletic defender has coached in Spain’s Segunda B and Tercera while also spending a year in the Maltese First Division. This summer Salinas made his return to Athletic as the new manager of CD Basconia and addressed the media on Wednesday before the team took the field for the first training session of the preseason.

“The only thing I can promise is hard work”, he said. “In the end, we can’t promise where we will finish in the table or similar things because you don’t know what will happen. It doesn’t depend on us. What does depend on us is what we can control, the day-to-day, the work, the effort, the sacrifice, and the commitment. Now, that we can promise for sure because we are going to go for it.”

The Mister went on to describe what type of team the fans will see this year from Basconia. Salinas says the Basauritarras will try to win every single game and will work harder than anyone else to protect the shield.

“Fans will see a team that will fight for the shield, for Basconia, which will always try to win. This will be an ambitious team and we’re going to go for it. We can promise enthusiasm, desire, and hard work. That is non-negotiable. The players know they are in a privileged situation and there are things that can’t be negotiated or taken for granted. The shield must always be protected.”

Patxi Salinas Basconia

The 2019/2020 CD Basconia squad and coaches (AC)

Salinas knows that his ultimate goal is to prepare players for Bilbao Athletic and, eventually, the first team. When asked if he has talked with Gaizka Garitano and Joseba Etxeberria about playing styles, the coach admitted that it’s too early for that. Conversations will happen, but for right now the squad is focused on getting into football shape.

“It’s premature to talk about that now. It’s our first day and there’s a lot going on with photos, interviews, and many things apart from football. You have to know the players well to know the system. We understand clearly how our game can be, but the first thing to do is get to know the squad and try to find a style that best suits the players. It will happen in training from day to day. Tomorrow we will start thinking about those things.”

Patxi Salinas currently has 25 players at his disposal, including seven promoted from Juvenil A and new signing Gorka Campo. Others could be sent back down from Bilbao Athletic as the preseason progresses, but Basconia already boasts a strong team that will try to finish as high in the table as possible this season.

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