La Liga’s 5 Basque Clubs Announce Agreement To Set Ticket Prices At €25 For Visiting Fans

Aitor Elizegi Basque

The Presidents of La Liga’s 5 Basque Clubs (AC)

Basque football is unique and thriving. With a population of just under 2.2 million, approximately 1.4% of Spain, the beautiful game continues to grow in Euskal Herria and top footballers are being produced every single year. This season, 5 of La Liga’s 20 clubs are from the Basque Country as are 7 managers. Relationships between the Basque clubs are built on respect and this season they will do something truly remarkable.

On Wednesday, La Liga’s five Basque clubs announced an agreement to set ticket prices at €25 for visiting fans during Derby matches. The goal is to promote the atmosphere during these special games and support fans who want to travel to see their teams play in big matches. Tickets will continue to be allocated based on the seating capacity of each stadium.

Athletic President Aitor Elizegi joined the Presidents from the other four Basque clubs at Anoeta on Wednesday for the formal announcement of the agreement. All five shared their support for the initiative with plans to continue the agreement for years to come. The clubs hope that this agreement will encourage attendance during Basque Derbies and respectful attitudes among rival fans.

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