Athletic Welcome The New Alevín Players To Lezama

Alevin Lezama

The new Alevín players toured San Mamés and the academy (AC)

Each year many young players begin their journey at Lezama. Everyone dreams of one day reaching the first team and playing at San Mamés. Some don’t arrive at the academy until they are older, but others start all the way at the beginning at the Alevín level. On Saturday roughly 30 kids and their families were welcomed by the club in a special orientation.

The ceremony was led by Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta along with other club representatives Raúl Loroño, Iñaki Azkarraga, and Rafa Dehesa. After a welcome speech and video about Lezama, the players got to go out onto the field and even tour the first team locker room. Hopefully one day these young footballers will see their shirts hanging up at San Mamés.

Athletic continues to be a leader in youth development in the world of football and wanted to make sure that these new Alevín players enjoyed an experience that they will never forget. Their dream of reaching the first team has begun, but for now they will train at Lezama with some of the best youth coaches in the game.

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