Doctor Josean Lekue Pleased With The State Of The Athletic Players After Summer Vacation

Josean Lekue

Athletic Club Doctor Jose Lekue speaks to the media following medical exams (AC)

Athletic officially began preseason training on Thursday which meant that Friday morning the players would be undergoing physical tests. These examinations are different than medicals and focus on each player’s ability to handle certain demands as opposed to simply analyzing their health. As is customary, team Doctor Josean Lekue gave an overview in a press conference where he explained that he is pleased with the state of the players.

“The time when players would return from vacation with extra weight is history. Players know that the internal competition is always going. Every player cares a lot about being in the best condition and everyone is fine. The mental rest of the summer is very important. It is part of the process of fatigue which should be improved.”

Dr. Lekue went on to state that all the data that was gathered will be shared with the players and coaches to ensure that everyone is on the same page as far as limitations and concerns. The players have a lot of say in their treatments these days and are just as responsible for their well-being.

“The general guideline with all this data is to sit down with the coaches and the players. That’s very important. Each year we have to listen to the players more and more. They have a lot of influence on their work. We will take care of the planning based on the background of the players. We will use the analysis from the tests and evaluations that the players have had. Those meetings will be with all the players.”

Interestingly, Dr. Lekue also shared that Athletic are working with a sleep study medical team to analyze and improve the rest that the players are getting each night. Sleep plays a very important role in the life of an athlete and the club wants to maximize it as much as possible.

Training Medical

The Athletic medical staff and IMQ performed player medicals this week (AC)

“Both in general health and from the point of view of professional sports performance, sleep is a very important tool. We have relied on the consultation and practice of a sleep unit medical team to make an evaluation of our players based on accessible information and methodologies. The hours of sleep that players get is vital. Sleep is an important tool so finding ways to control the quantity and quality of sleep can have a big impact.”

In closing, Dr. Lekue highlighted the fact that Aritz Aduriz, who will turn 39 this season, will be handled differently than his teammates. Gorka Guruzeta is still recovering from ACL surgery and is expected to rejoin Bilbao Athletic as early as October.

“As usual, Aduriz is a special case. We will have to limit the loads and analyze what work may be more or less stressful for Him. There will be a unique plan. We have to analyze the background with the aim of extracting as much from him as we can. Gorka is doing well, very good. His ACL is recovery very well as expected. It’s a long-term injury with obstacles. Unfortunately, we have a lot of experience with these injuries and, in the case of Guruzeta, there have been no incidents.”

After a difficult season where injuries negatively impacted the team, Doctor Josean Lekue and the entire Athletic medical staff are committed to keeping the squad as healthy as possible this year. The Lions boast one of the most impressive medical teams in all of football and are constantly improving their methods to ensure the safety and success of every player at the club.

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