Athletic Club Hire David Rincón Izcaria As The New Head Of Psychology At Lezama

david rincon

David Rincón Izcaria is the new Head of Psychology at Lezama (AC)

It’s been two years since Athletic dismissed María Ruiz de Oña, leaving the club without a Head of Psychology at Lezama. As part of the new academy project, Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta has finally filled the role. The club officially announced on Wednesday that they have hired David Rincón Izcaria who will serve as the new Head of Psychology at Lezama.

Rincón has been in the same role for Real Valladolid since 2006 and holds Master’s Degrees in Physical Therapy and Sports Psychology, Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and is an expert in Sports Coaching from Camilo José Cela University. Rincón states that his professional work is framed in three focuses – clinical, sports, and training – with the goal of achieving emotional and personal well-being for players.

In the announcement, Athletic stated that this position is an “important pillar for the academy project”. Rincón will assume his role immediately and work alongside Raúl Loroño, Iñaki Azkarraga, and Iñaki Alonso to serve the players at Lezama.

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