Athletic Club Green Lights Plan To Construct New First Team Building At Lezama


The Lezama training facilities (Athletic Club)

In 2012 Athletic unveiled the “Lezama Master Plan” during the club’s Ordinary General Assembly. Then President Josu Urrutia explained that the club facilities would be undergoing a massive overhaul that would cost an estimated €25.1 million, which had already been put aside in preparation. Everything from field improvements and seating to parking and landscaping were included, as well as constructing a new building for the first team.

One of the main goals was to create a Sports City with a residential building on site for players enrolled in the academy. Building a new first team headquarters would then allow the current structure to be expanded into a residency. The entire project was expected to take approximately 10 years and things were even ahead of schedule in 2016 when two of the 10 items on the list were nearing completion and another five were already underway.

However, the club ran into an issue with the construction of the new first team building. A few months ago the project was put on hold when the Higher Court of Justice of the Basque Country stepped in due to requalification of some of the land. At the time, Vice-President José Ángel Corres said that the worse case scenario would see the construction delayed for two-three years.

Thankfully, that will not be the case. Earlier this week Athletic officially announced that the project is back underway and that the club will now be accepting proposals from construction companies for the new first team building. Athletic will make a final decision after analyzing all of the offers before official construction begins. The new structure will be built at the north end of the Lezama facilities.

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