Athletic Club Planning To Visit Boise In Summer Of 2020

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Athletic plan to play a friendly in Boise next summer during Jaialdi (AC)

Boise, Idaho contains one of the largest Basque populations of any city in the United States and is known as the capital of the Basque Diaspora. Many left the Basque Country during the Spanish Civil War and every five years an event known as Jaialdi is held in Boise to celebrate the Diaspora and is the largest Basque festival in the Americas. Naturally, there is a large number of Athletic supports in the city, including an official Peña known as Boiseko Athletic Club.

In 2015 Athletic visited Boise where they played a friendly against Club Tijuana and won 2-0 with goals from Aritz Aduriz and Beñat. The club had planned to make the trip during Jaialdi but had to move plans up two weeks due to Europa League scheduling. Even representatives of the Basque government made the special trip across the Atlantic Ocean. During his Presidential campaign, Aitor Elizegi pushed the idea of strengthening the club’s globalization and pointed out that he would like to see Athletic make even more trips abroad.

The next Jaialdi festival will take place in the summer of 2020 and Athletic plan to visit once again according to sources consulted by Inside Athletic and confirmed by Juanma Mallo of El Correo. Although nothing has been finalized at this point, the club doesn’t foresee any issues with scheduling the trip. However, fans will have to wait and see how the 2019/2020 season unfolds before Athletic will know their availability and commitments to other potential competitions.

Traveling to Boise will not only help the club connect with a large group of fans who live abroad, but will also increase Athletic’s visibility on a global level. La Liga’s World Challenge program has seen more clubs travel to the United States over the past few years and could play a major role in helping Athletic schedule a strong opponent for the friendly in Boise. Jaialdi may still be over a year away, but there is already plenty of excitement about the likelihood of Athletic returning to Boise.

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