Athletic Take First Steps Towards Launching The Grada De Animación

Grada San Mames

Promoting the Grada de Animación is a top priority for the current Board (AC)

Promoting the Grada de Animación was one of the biggest topics during December’s Presidential election. While Alberto Uribe-Echevarría said that his Board would explore the idea, Aitor Elizegi championed the cause and made it a top priority. Elizegi’s stance on the issue won over many voters and now that the season has come to an end, the first steps are finally being taken.

Athletic officially announced on Wednesday that the plan is to introduce the Grada de Animación this coming season in sections 107 and 108 of the North End which will include rows 1-10. This section will offer free tickets to young fans who want to support the team with singing, displays, and carry the atmosphere throughout the stadium.

In response, the club will be contacting every Socio who owns seats in this section to discuss the matter personally. There will be several options that Socios can choose from which include staying in the section to be part of the Grada or moving to similar seats for a smaller price. Athletic have made it clear that the Socios of the Tribuna Norte Baja remain the top priority.

The proposed Grada de Animación will begin this coming season and will run through at least 2022 which is when the next Presidential election will take place. Over the past few years, Athletic fans have made it very clear that promoting the Grada de Animación is a massive necessity and desire. The club agrees and the goal is to significantly improve the already spectacular atmosphere at San Mamés in the seasons to come.

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