Three Danok Bat Starlets And Coach Joseba Nuñez Sign With Lezama


Lezama continues to add top young players to the Athletic academy (AC)

Apart from Athletic, Danok Bat is the premier youth academy in Bizkaia. Having produced players like Yeray, Iago Herrerín, Iñigo Lekue, Sabin Merino, and Ander Capa the two clubs have a very close partnership. Every year players leave Danok Bat to enroll at Lezama and this summer at least three starlets will be making the switch.

On Saturday Danok Bat officially announced that Aitor Sollano (2003), Dani Etxebarri (2001), and Unai Gómez (2003) have all signed with Lezama for the upcoming season. Sollano was tested with Athletic during the recent Piru Gainza tournament and has been regularly called up to the Euskadi youth teams.

In addition, Athletic have also signed Danok Bat coach Joseba Nuñez who will manage Lezama’s Infantil C team this season. Along with being the Head Of Methodology at Danok Bat and coaching the 2003s, Nuñez has also managed the Euskadi U18 team and currently serves as Javier Clemente’s assistant coach for the Basque National Team.

For the upcoming season Etxebarri will play with Athletic’s Juvenil A team while Sollano and Gómez will be joining Juvenil B.

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