Oyonesa Midfielder Enrique González Signs With Athletic Juvenil B

Enrique Gonzalez Oyonesa

Enrique González visiting Lezama (SDOyonesa)

It’s been a busy summer for Lezama. Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta has already made several changes and the coaching staff has finally been confirmed. While a new project is just beginning, the ultimate goal of adding the very best young players from the Basque Country is still the top priority.

On Saturday Bizkaian academy Danok Bat announced that three of their starlets would be joining the Athletic academy along with youth coach Joseba Nuñez. They weren’t the only ones as SD Oyonesa also confirmed on Friday night that midfielder Enrique González has signed with Lezama for the upcoming season.

González has always stood out for his dribbling and ability to create chances with great passing. In fact, he’s shown so much promise that he even made his first-team debut with Oyonesa in the Tercera in October at just 15 years old. González will join the Athletic Juvenil B team.

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