Introducing The 2019/2020 Lezama Coaching Staff

Alkorta Elizegi Joseba Etxeberria

Joseba Etxeberria is the new manager of Bilbao Athletic (AC)

The Lezama coaching staff has been quickly taking shape over the past few weeks. Once the season ended, Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta began to introduce his new project for the academy which started by dismissing a number of youth coaches including Aritz Solabarrieta, Iban Fuentes, and Ander Breda among others. Important additions would soon follow.

Recently the club has announced the hires of Joseba Etxeberria and Patxi Salinas who will be coaching Bilbao Athletic and CD Basconia respectively. There were several other positions that needed to be filled and on Saturday Athletic officially announced the entire Lezama coaching staff for the 2019/2020 season.

Joseba Etxeberria was the club’s first choice to manage Bilbao Athletic, taking the place of Aritz Solabarrieta. The club legend began his coaching career at Lezama before serving as an assistant to Ernesto Valverde and managing CD Basconia. Etxeberria would then leave to coach Amorebieta and Tenerife. The 41-year-old is very excited to return to Athletic and help develop the next generation of Lions.

Patxi Salinas was also the club’s first choice to manage CD Basconia, replacing Iban Fuentes. Salinas played 10 years at San Mamés before coaching at Lezama, including the Juvenile level. He would leave the club in 2011 and has spent nearly a decade coaching in the Segunda B and Tercera. During his presentation, he noted that responsibility that he now has to prepare young players to join Bilbao Athletic and eventually the first team.

Patxi Salinas Rafa Alkorta

New CD Basconia manager Patxi Salinas (AC)

Imanol de la Sota returns as the manager of Juvenil A, having led the team to a league title in 2016 and also served as an assistant to Joseba Etxeberria at Basconia. De la Sota has spent the last two years coaching Eibar’s Juvenil A team. Jon Solaun has been promoted from Cadete A and will serve as the manager of Juvenil B. Solaun grew up at Lezama, though he never made the first team, and began coaching at the academy in 2015.

Ander Alaña has also been promoted, moving up from Cadete B to manage the Cadete A team. Alaña attended Lezama as a player and made it as far as Bilbao Athletic. In 2015 he returned to the academy as a youth coach. Likewise, Andoni Galiano also grew up at Lezama and progressed through Bilbao Athletic. After coaching Sodupe for four years he returned to lead Basconia in 2017. Last season Galiano coached Athletic’s Juvenil B and this year he will serve as the manager for the Cadete B team.

Oskar Alkorta, who also trained at Lezama and made it all the way to Bilbao Athletic, returned to the academy as a youth coach in 2013. Last year he coached Alevín D and has been promoted to manage the Infantil A team this season. Txema Añibarro spent time at Lezama as a player among other academies in Bizkaia. As a professional, he became an Eibar legend and helped lead the club from the Tercera to the Primera. Immediately after retiring in 2015 he returned to Lezama as a youth coach. Last year he managed the Infantil C team and has now been promoted to oversee Infantil B.

Joseba Nuñez will manage the Infantil C team and is a new arrival at Lezama. Nuñez is a Professor of the School of Coaches and also serves as Javier Clemente’s assistant coach with the Basque National Team. For the past few years, Nuñez has also acted as the Head of Methodology at Danok Bat while also coaching their 2003 generation last season. Joseba Nuñez is highly respected in the field of youth development and will bring experience and passion to Lezama.

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Igor Pelayo has worked as a coach for Athletic’s External Projects and has now been named the new manager of Infantil Alirón 2007. Jon Kareaga, who has coached Getxo youth teams as well as the main squad, arrives at Lezama to serve as the manager of Alevín San Mamés 2008.

Joseba Lertxundi served as an assistant coach within Lezama last season and has been promoted as the manager of Alevín Alirón 2008. Patrik Guerra began coaching at Lezama in 2015 and will oversee Alevín San Mamés 2009 this season. Lastly, Ander Lafuente joins Lezama from Arenas and will manage Alevín Alirón 2009. Lafuente attended Lezama and progressed through Basconia and Bilbao Athletic before playing for several lower level Basque clubs.

The 2019/2020 Lezama Coaching Staff:

Joseba Etxeberria – Bilbao Athletic
Patxi Salinas – CD Basconia
Imanol de la Sota – Juvenil A
Jon Solaun – Juvenil B
Ander Alaña – Cadete A
Andoni Gailiano – Cadete B
Oskar Alkorta – Infantil San Mamés 2006
Txema Añibarro – Infantil Alirón 2006
Joseba Núñez – Infantil San Mamés 2007
Igor Pelayo – Infant Alirón 2007
Jon Kareaga – Alevín San Mamés 2008
Joseba Lertxundi – Alevín Alirón 2008
Patrik Guerra – Alevín San Mamés 2009
Ander Lafuente – Alevín Alirón 2009

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